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Launched in 2019, kpoppost.com has become one of the English-language premier sources for the latest Korean celebrity gossip and news. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, kpoppost boasts dedicated readers from over 100 different countries.

Kpoppost works around the clock to be the first to deliver breaking news, gossip, and exclusive coverage of Korean entertainment – in a way that is engaging, positive, respectful, lively, and timely.

We are also active on social media, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flipboard, and Pinterest. With growing readers worldwide, kpoppost provides a interactive community on Telegram channel where readers can share their ideas and comments.

The editorial team now consists of editors who are passionate about Korean entertainment. Furthermore, as kpoppost continues to grow in size and influence in the Korean entertainment industry, we are hoping to build a team of contributors from around the world.

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Press and Media Inquiries: [email protected]