ARMY Freaks Out, Is Jin Leaving BTS?

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After Google displayed an out-of-date answer for “how many members is BTS?”, ARMY freaks out and starts asking for confirmation from Google.

In the middle of the 7th anniversary celebrations, BTS Festa 2020, there was unpleasant news. On June 5, ARMY found out that Jin was missing on Google list as BTS members; this made ARMY anxious. Google displayed “at least 6” as the answer to “How many members is BTS?” question. Is Jin leaving BTS as he is going to join the military service?

Is Jin Leaving BTS? Why is he not on Google?

Will BTS Break Up?


A year ago, there was an issue that BTS would break up soon. The Bangtan Boys had mentioned some reasons why the Kpop boy group was likely to break up. Moreover, they admitted that if the band would break up, the first member to leave is BTS Jin.

As people know, the country BTS members are living in has a military requirement for young men in South Korea. Therefore, they said, it is natural for each of them to perform military service between the ages of 21 and 28. And the eldest member of BTS, Kim Seok Jin, will be 28 years old on December 4 this year.

Will Jin Enlist in Military Service This Year?

“As a Korean, it’s natural… and, someday, when duty calls, will be ready to respond and do our best,” Jin said in an interview with a CBS reporter a year ago.

Looking at his age, Jin is supposed to serve in the military. However, there is still no confirmation if Jin is going to enlist this year.

ARMY Insists Google to Fix It Soon

ARMY asked Google to put Jin back on Google. Source: Twitter

Until today, June 8, there is no confirmation from Big Hit Entertainment Jin’s military service or leaving BTS. Therefore, ARMY can assume that Jin is still in BTS. Let’s hope Jin still has a chance to do what he loves most: being on stage with BTS and ARMY.

Kim Seok Jin is Back

As a result of ARMY’s report to Google’s official account, the issue is now solved. Jin is back on the list with the other BTS members on Google. Both Kim Seok Jin’s name and picture are now there. You can try to check it by asking Google, “How many members in BTS?”

Either Jin is leaving for military service or not, let’s laugh (you can try not to laugh, but I laughed hard) watching cute and funny moments video of Jin below:

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