Kim Taehyung is a Perfect “Staying at Home” Ambassador

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On April 5, BTS V, whose real name is Kim Taehyung, went viral for his video dancing and singing in front of a big TV. His video made him a perfect ambassador for staying at home campaign during the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus Concerns.

Unlike ordinary flu, coronavirus creates a domino effect that is dangerous for people’s health. That’s why many countries are applying “lockdown” or home-quarantine to break the chain of coronavirus outbreak.

Unfortunately, there are still many young people out there who don’t care about the coronavirus spread. Many of them think that it’s ok to go out because they are fine. The fact is, although they don’t get the symptoms of coronavirus, they could be the silent killer for people around them.

It is essential to keeping social distancing and staying at home at the moment. BTS also delivers this awareness message in Hyundai’s promotion video.

What Do BTS Members Do During Home-Quarantine?

Maybe you are wondering what BTS members do in their daily life during home-quarantine. The answer is that they do what other people do when they are staying at home.

As for the BTS members, they always keep in touch with the ARMY through social media. Kim Taehyung is one of the BTS members who often online and say “hi” to his fans. He is also updating his fans with recent videos or pictures.

Earlier, he recommended a song to a fan in WEVERSE chat. The fan asked for a song that can heal his heart and very relaxing. Then, he gave a link for a music video that he likes with a comment of “it’s very good.”

Kim Taehyung is a Perfect “Stay at Home” Ambassador

Later that day, Kim Taehyung was rocking the world through his post in @BTS_twt and TikTok. His post was a video of him dancing and singing the song in front of a big TV along with a funny caption:

The video went viral and retweeted not only by the ARMY, but also by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of South Korea. It says that he is an excellent model for people, especially the youth, to stay at home campaign during the coronavirus concerns.

His song selection during staying at home is considered as a perfect type of music during the quarantine. Moreover, the ARMY is fascinated by his long and delicate legs. His ease movements and small taps on his feet are in harmony with the song.

Kim Taehyung’s “Stay at Home” challenge is accepted by Kenton Chen, the singer who covered the song “Closer.” He posted a video of him dancing, “Boy with Luv,” with BTS’s video on the background.

Here is the music video of Kenton Chen covering “Closer” by The Chainsmokers that can make you relax while staying at home. Keeping social distancing and staying at home is better.

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